Barnet LDC ToothLocal Dental Committees (LDCs) in England and Wales were established in 1948 and became statutory bodies under the NHS Act 1977.

LDCs represent dentists with a General Dental Services (GDS) Contract (providers or performers) or who are performing NHS dentistry within the LDC boundary and pay a levy to the LDC.

The LDC consults with NHS England on local commissioning and developments in the provision of NHS dental services. The LDC LDCs will also make nominations to or may be consulted about membership of certain committees of NHS England. The LDC also meets any other local organisations who have an interest in dentistry in the Barnet area.

The LDC also helps members by giving advice.

The LDC Secretaries and Chairs meet on a regional basis to discuss issues affecting the profession. Local issues can then be raised at a national level.

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